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The first key ONYX result: Linearity

A result IMO being worthy of showing. Our ONYX proton radiotherapy QA detector array response to the delivered dose has demonstrated excellent linearity over a three orders of magnitude range of radiation dose Monitor Units (MU).

Basically, starting with some of the most feeble signals, as 0.003 MU is close to the low limit of what a given proton accelerator can physically produce in a beam "spot", and up to 3 MU per "spot", RDI ONYX response is linear.

This is one of the core desired properties of a great dosimeter instrument - which we have been creating our ONYX to be.

The uncertainties in fact are not as much of an instrument, but actually of the medical proton accelerator machine, as with increasing dose per "spot" the machine was running out of protons (which is called "partial delivery")... and this is exactly one of the reasons we have created our ONYX is to identify and properly account for such occurrences.

Go team RDI! 💪

Deepest gratitude to our clinical friends that have been providing us with opportunities to take key experimental data.

More to come.

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1 Comment

Aug 29, 2023

Log / Log scale is weird so do not believe your eyes :) believe the R2. The line fits are indeed straight lines, they just curve using this peculiar scale as log gets very small that is expected 🖖

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