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2023 The ONYX clinical characterization has started!

A quick update on the RDI/ONYX!

RDI and Mayo Clinic Arizona teams have started the important first rounds of the experimental characterization of our first product.

One thing I just have to boast about... the ONYX did meet the Water Equivalent Thickness design requirement. We have confirmed that the total material stack-up of our instrument to protons is less than 6mm of water thick!

The beam window is only a little over 1mm!

And it is very isotropic all across its entire sensor surface that is a hexagon of 380mm across.

Basically, this is great news since proton scattering before the sensor is incredibly small and well accountable for, and our ONYX can be used along with other instruments behind it to make truly complex precision measurements in a very reliable and controlled way.

It's just a start of a long road, but I am thankful to each and everyone who has been pitching in with their ideas, help, support, and good 'ole hard work, to get the ONYX to this point! 😊

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