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A vision. A mission.

The inner drive to move forward and innovate that has brought us together. 'A new perspective' is a summary narrative of our team's collective worldview. Channeling our personal unquenchable inner passion for knowledge into our designs to create and improve tools that help people. Providing an extra bit of performance that directly translates to an extra bit of care.

A careful measurement that makes a difference.

Our team conceptualizes, designs, and builds radiation detectors, with each of us bringing our contributions into the common perspective - our unique, personalized knowledge, expertise, and experience. Together, we blend our strengths to push our own limits as we strive for refinement. Sometimes it is necessary to re-imagine concepts from ground up to arrive to a superior solution.

The beauty of imagination is that it does not have to stop.


We see ourselves as a high-tech custom shop, staying at the forefront of modern cancer radiotherapy by creating innovative quality assurance (QA) precision instruments to improve QA and treatment planning methods. RDI products are aimed at helping to treat more cancer patients – safer, quicker, and more effectively.

With growing number of new oncology patients, and recent development of highly efficient therapy modalities such as proton radiotherapy, there is an increasing lack in new, highly accurate measurement tools that are tailored to get the most out of these modern cancer treatment techniques. Our products thus offer significant value-add in terms of quality of care and efficiency for both the patients and the care providers.

RDI builds highly technological and yet competitively priced detector tools for radiotherapy that provide cutting-edge data output, analysis and management solutions. RDI offers solutions based on the latest advances in AI, cloud processing, and software. RDI innovates QA application methods so that our tools provide the most comprehensive data. We build our QA solutions around each client's individual work flow, and we are ready to work with you to adapt our techniques to meet your requirements.


RDI LLC started in Spring 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona, as a result of a vision, forming and taking shape since 2010 and based on hands-on development of the treatment and radiation delivery equipment for clinical quality assurance processes. Another aspect of the vision came from our scientific experience, gained over numerous years of work in the forefront of the experimental nuclear and particle physics research. Bringing the latest technology and methods in radiation detection, data acquisition and processing techniques, electronics, and algorithms developed by modern science to everyday clinical use has become integral part of our mission.

Since 2016, our team has been focusing on developing and delivering radiation detector arrays for Texas A&M University Cyclotron Institute, having successfully completed two phases of the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) award by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2019. In parallel, we have been developing our clinical proton / heavy ion beam position and fluence detector array technology, as well as designing and building proprietary modular, scalable data acquisition electronics.

In addition to the above, RDI has a solid portfolio of completed industrial and scientific contracts that include hardware and electronics design, data analysis, hands-on experimental support and proof-of-concept validation, leveraging its extensive expertise in cost-effective design-through-simulation methods.



RDI takes pride in its diverse, hands-on, and incredibly capable core team, proven to be both willing and able to grow, innovate, and succeed alongside the company, our customers and partners. Our consultants and advisors include seasoned industry professionals and academic scholars, are available to help with completion of a wide scope of projects.

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Dr. Evgeny Galyaev

Founder and CEO, RDI LLC

Evgeny has over a decade of direct "in-the-trenches" experience working on some of the largest particle physics experiments, including the D-Zero at Fermilab and the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider-CERN. Over the course of his involvement in numerous projects, Evgeny made multiple contributions by building key detector instrumentation and commissioning it into operation, and has also been a member of the collaboration in the search and observation of the Higgs particle.

Another decade of Evgeny's experience was dedicated to working in medical device industry, focusing on research and development of detector arrays, x-ray sources, and particle beam transport. Successfully bridging fundamental research with product development, engineering, and project and team management, Evgeny has added substantial value to the IP portfolios for the flagship industry players, while also taking lead in pioneering some of their most advanced products.

Entrepreneurship is yet another important milestone in Evgeny's professional roadmap, starting with a vision of bridging cutting-edge detector research and everyday clinical requirements, and culminating in the formation of RDI as a pure-play scientific startup, driven by constant urge to innovate and passion for knowledge.



Dr. Martin Bues

Clinical Applications Advisor

Dr. Martin Bues (Clinical Applications Advisor) is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the field of proton beam therapy, with emphasis on pencil beam scanning proton beam therapy.


Dr. Bues has transitioned into the field of Medical Physics after working in Mathematical Physics, the field in which he received his PhD. Dr. Bues has strong knowledge of several branches of physics and mathematics, and he is fluent in the computer languages C and Java. Martin first gained experience in proton beam therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital.


At MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, Texas), Dr. Bues led the development effort for Proton Pencil Beam Scanning treatment system. These efforts culminated to the first clinical implementation of Proton Pencil Beam Scanning in the United States


Louis Farina, MBA

Commercialization Advisor

Mr. Farina focuses his career on early stage Arizona technology companies, commercializing innovations, testing new business models, validating markets and securing early stage investment. Expertise spans a broad range of technology domains and verticals.

Mr. Farina is a successful Arizona based multi-disciplined private sector executive with strong and diverse business acumen and skills. Louis shares his extensive global experience and recent insights and trends on advancing the Arizona economy with RDI team.


Dr. Paul Mulqueen

Business Development Advisor

Dr. Paul Mulqueen is an innovative senior executive with extensive global medical engineering and business development experience. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed geographically distributed teams and exceeded P&L targets. As the CEO of his own company, Proton Calibration Technologies (PCT), Paul invented the enabling algorithm and obtained the seed funding to help bring proton computed tomography to the market. Paul created the vision to commercialize proton ion and carbon ion cancer therapy systems at another venture firm. While there, he negotiated the agreements required to establish the worldwide network needed for a ground up approach to the design of the ion therapy product. Paul also worked with merchant banks and individual investors to raise the required funds, and developed the cost model for the development, manufacture, installation, and field service of the ion therapy system.

Dr. Mulqueen has also served as the Vice President of Design & Test Engineering at a Fortune 500 Company. During his time there, Paul established a medical engineering design center. The department had its own P&L and grew through client revenue rather than corporate investment. Project revenues ranged from $200K to $17M.

James Younkin.jfif

Dr. James Younkin

Medical Physics Advisor

Dr. Younkin is experienced and innovative medical physicist / engineer working on cutting-edge treatment enhancement solutions for radiation oncology patients.

Dr. Younkin is a quality assurance expert who is proficient in multiple programming languages including C++ and Python. As an incredibly efficient absorber and disseminator of knowledge, Dr. Younkin contributes with this numerous invaluable contributions to RDI product development.

Presently, Dr. Younkin in collaboration with a team of physicists and therapists designs and implements daily QA protocols and procedures for modern proton therapy treatment systems at Mayo Clinic Arizona proton beam therapy center.

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