Radiation Detection and Imaging is, in retrospective, an apt name for our company, as our team's expertise represents a combination of fundamental knowledge of Physics, Engineering prowess, and hands-on experimental skills. Our joint capabilities are being developed further as we embark on our new projects as we develop our company from one milestone to the next one, and from one project to another. For us "imaging" in this sense has a broader meaning than just "imaging detectors": RDI team has helped to design and assisted in building x-ray sources. Last but not least, our team is very familiar with accelerator sources and customized UHF elements with uniquely designed properties. 

Contact our team and we will be happy to learn more about YOUR project and discuss how we could be of service.



RDI offers design-through-simulation assistance in multiple disciplines, using a wide array of simulation tools and customized methods.




Our team has on-board, in-house expertise in designing custom electronic components and entire systems, focusing primarily on measurement and physics data acquisition.



RDI operates a large-volume

outgassing vacuum chamber (22 q.ft./10⁻⁶ Torr) equipped with a 100 amu residual gas analyzer. Integrated hot plate (200°C) and chiller make it a unique set-up available for your needs.



Software conceptualization and prototyping, algorithms, and data analysis are among our areas of expertise.



RDI team offers expertise in mechanical design and CAD drafting, with particular focus on the medical device industry.


There is diverse, hands-on, experimental know-how in Physics and Engineering that our team can share with yours. From conceptualization to the actual experimental validation, we can work side by side to get it done.


A brief summary of key expertise that our team may offer:

  • Multiphysics simulations:

    • Electrostatic, magnetostatic, space-charge, thermionic emission, particle / beam optics, interactions with matter / radiation detection, thermal analysis, mechanical stress, and more.

    • X-ray sources design

    • Electron gun / emitter design (thermionic, field emission etc.)

  • Particle / Radiation detector design and conceptualization

    • Gas ionization (drift / proportional / time-projection / micromegas / GEMs)

    • Scintillation

    • Solid-state (Silicon / diamond etc.)

    • Particle calorimeters

  • Design of the HF/UHF components:​

    • ​Antenna design: one- and two-mirror, axial and off-axis, horn (smooth and scalar), micro-strip (printed), broadband, etc.

    • Filters: waveguide and microstrip, interdigital, combline, substrate integrated (SIW), etc.

    • Waveguide polarization dividers (orthomode transducer, OMT) both linear and circular type

    • RF & Microwave Couplers and Dividers (waveguides, microstrip)

    • Expertise in 0.1-300GHz applications

  • Software conceptualization and development

    • ​Application prototyping and development, mobile applications, custom software and control systems, graphical user interfaces (GUI) development, databases, iOS development, Android, cloud management

  • Mechanical design and drafting

  • Electronics design and drafting

  • Help with FPGA firmware development and hard processor systems (HPS)