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RDI builds precision radiation measurement tools for quality assurance and verification in cancer radiotherapy. Our team is bridging our diverse scientific and industrial experience to push clinical precision boundaries of treatment delivery. Our tools are designed to help clinical professionals and patients get the most out of new modern radiotherapy treatment modalities, and to make the treatment processes safer, more effective, and, ultimately, more affordable and accessible.



The primary focus of our company is development of radiation detectors for radiotherapy. Onyx™, our first product, provides sub-millimeter precision for proton and heavy ion QA and treatment planning. While we do have several other products lined up, Onyx™ is a fast beam fluence, position, and cross section imaging array, optimized for pencil-beam and continuous uniform scanning modalities. 


RDI hosts diverse scientific and engineering talent and offers technical consulting in research and product development. Our team can help make your vision a reality by lending our expertise to your team, or to work together on developing better-informed decisions through simulation and design reviews of your projects.



Great work is best accomplished together. Our team welcomes your ideas and is open to collaboration. Our existing and emerging partnerships create synergies and bring our common goals together for a greater good and a better tomorrow. We see our clients as an extension of our team and are happy to become part of yours.